Mar 27, 2008

Warm invitation to COMO

Image of Seoul SKT Tower

COMO is an extended media platform located in Seoul SKT Tower and Daejeon SKT Building in Korea. Since December 2004, the LED display has been known as a unique multi-media installation which integrates art and architecture to create new convergence.

It is not only a typical urban screen blinking an impersonal message, but also a window being wildly opened to different art-works in public. Art center nabi has been shown various public art programs that are filled with interactive communication between the COMO and public.

COMO consists of four large LED screens; three at Seoul SKT Tower and another at Daejoen SKT building. Its contents change on monthly basis.

Image of COMO Channel 1 at Seoul SKT Tower (size 53M*1M)
Channel 1 is located as a part of exterior of the building.

Image of COMO Channel 2 at Seoul SKT Tower (size 5M*4M)
Channel 2 is located at the lobby as a form of large screen.

Image of COMO Channel 3 at Seoul SKT Tower (size 35M*1.2M)
Channel 3 is located at the inner ceiling and column of the building.

Running Hours
Mon-Fri AM7- PM10
Weekends, Holidays AM1-PM10 (only on channel 1)

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